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Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes we are dealt situations and circumstances that we don't expect.   That is exactly what happened to our family.  In 2013, as a single mom, I was struck with a serious illness that I have constantly been battling.  Working was difficult and making it through life took one second at a time.  Although it has been a battle and a struggle, God has been the rock and comforter that my children and I have needed to press through and move forward and upward.  After years of seeking the Lord and working through health challenges, Holy Ground Clothing Co.  was birthed.  We are a family owned, kingdom focused, people loving company.  Our heart is to see the kingdom of God manifested on this earth, and all of his children walking in the purpose and plan he has for them.  We are leaping out in faith to create a multi-generational legacy.  We hope you leap out with us.

Carrie is a fiercely loyal and loving momma.  She has a deep seeded desire to see her kids grow and burn like wildfires for the kingdom.  She has raised them to love each other and love others.  Her children are her wildflowers that are unique and individually wonderful and creative.  This company is their legacy, their spiritual inheritance, their children's and children's, children's legacy.  Her heart is for Jesus.  Her whole heart wants the will of God to be fulfilled in her own life, and her kid's lives.  She may be a single mom, but she is a fighter in the natural and in the spirit.  Carrie has a background in Fashion Design, Merchandising and Graphic Design.  She has been featured in California Apparel News as "Best up and coming designer", and has designed many items including, but not limited to, prom/wedding dresses, jewelry, shirts, worship flags, prophetic paintings, and graphic art projects like logos, marketing materials, business cards, business branding, websites and car wraps.

Bear is the youngest in the family, but at just 14 years old, already has a striking design style and is intelligent at design and software use.  He is an up-and-coming dreamer and designer that holds tremendous potential.  He is goofy and confident, and not only does he love Jesus, but he has a deeply compassionate heart for others.  His designs reflect his love, that he shares with others. He is irreplaceable in our family and in our company.  He is a powerful protector and intercessor.  He is compassionate for the downtrodden and would give the shirt off his back to help another.  Look out world, Bear is already a leader and nation shaker for the kingdom!

Josilin is the only other girl in the family, but not the least at all.  She has a smile that can shift the atmosphere of a room when she walks in.  She is a loyal friend and has the best laugh.  She is only 16, but her on trend talent has helped us in working with all different age groups and demographics to create product lines that are diverse and versatile for all ages.  She is unique and gifted and has the most amazing artistic talent.  She designs our jewelry line that will be coming soon.  She is an upcoming kingdom leader to her generation and will change lives through her talent.  She too is irreplaceable to our family and our company.


Zion, the first born of the family is wise beyond his years at 22.  He is an extremely gifted worshiper and is a fire starter in the kingdom.  He has a heart for seeing those that have been stricken by injustice, seeing the truth of their identity and the wrongs in their life made right.  His gift of songwriting is life changing when he sings and plays his music.  Anyone who hears him is moved to tears and overcome by the love of the Father through it.  He has been a gift in life for his mom Carrie and his brother and sister.  On more than one occasion, he has had to be the man of the house.  He has worked his way through life, fighting through pain, but has become the most incredible young adult anyone could ever know.  He is funny and life giving.  His place in this company is quite possibly the most important, as he is the encourager and supporter, the honest voice, and the biggest cheerleader to his family.  His role is expanding, so stay tuned for more from him.

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